SEO Mistakes that Can Hurt Your Rankings

If you go about it in the right way, SEO can help boost your site's search engine rank. Your SEO efforts can be wasted, or even damaging to your site, if you make any of the following errors.

When you create your site's content, don't make the mistake of overusing certain keywords. When you write your content, don't allow the keyword density to go above 5%. There are times when you will see that over-using certain keywords will get you in trouble with the search engines, as they might label you as a spammer, which will obviously affect your site's ranking and make it difficult for you to get back. Always include only those keywords that are relevant to your content. Rather than repeating your keywords, trying using substitute words that mean the same thing, as the search engines look at your site using LSI (Lateral Semantic Indexing). Whatever you do, avoid stuffing your content with your keywords, as this is an SEO mistake that will be noticed by the search engines. You have to use the right keywords and use them the right number of times. Don't go out of the context or write content that is poor in quality because of bad keyword density. Last but not the least; always give high priority to your primary keyword when writing the content and keep it as targeted as possible. This will not only help you rank well but will also help you maintain your rankings.

Another common SEO error is the expectation that you can quickly and easily achieve high rankings for the keywords you've chosen without working hard. Some people claim to teach you how to rank high quickly, but the truth is that getting and maintaining a high rank involves constructing backlinks over time, a stream of new content, and more. True optimization requires you to put in an ongoing effort. One good way to do this is to monitor your rankings on a regular basis so that you know where you're going wrong and what the next step you need to take is. Make sure your reporting service will tell you even about the small changes in your rank, since these matter to you. Because you put so much effort into achieving a high ranking, you'll want to maintain it.

If you are looking for long term success, don't hire anyone to do SEO work for you who uses shortcut methods that may get you temporary results but will harm you later on. When you hire a company like this, they will do whatever they can, legitimate or not, to rank your site quickly. Marketers who take this road, however, almost always end up regretting it, because the search engines have the technology to catch you and then punish you for breaking the rules. That's why it's important to do your homework when it comes to outsourcing SEO, so you know what kind of strategies they use and what their other customers say. Hiring an ethical service can be very helpful. To summarize, as you move forward you will find a lot more SEO mistakes, the ones talked about are just the tip of the iceberg.

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